Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mike Giant

Born Hamlin, NY. Reared in the flatlands of New Mexico. Healthy appreciation for heavy metal, hip-hop, skateboarding, and BMX bikes. Stellar academic performance leads to a full-ride for college.

University of New Mexico for 3.5 years, where he majors in architecture and cultivates the precise line work that will become his signature. Nights are spent at the college radio station, immersed in hip-hop. Mentoring with Doc and Agree (ATK): shedding Mike and becoming Giant. Leaves one semester ahead of a degree to take a job creating graphics full-time for Think Skateboards in San Francisco.

Ten years in San Francisco. Bombs his way to the top of the graffiti pile, repping for BA crew. Launches a little tagger ’zine, Huffer, that later becomes his first business, The Skullz Press. Learns to tattoo. Healthy appreciation for track bikes, marijuana, mindfulness, and not having a desk job. First solo show at The Link Gallery in San Jose, CA. First monograph, Manifestations, published by Gingko Press.

Post San Francisco: Returns to New Mexico. Launches REBEL8 with friend, Joshy D. Internationally notorious for surgeon-steady drawings of cute tattooed girls, skulls, and Victorian lace – sometimes all at once. Work is exhibited throughout the world with shows in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, London, and Melbourne. Retires from tattooing, focusing full-time on fine art, travel, and REBEL8. Second monograph, Muerte, is published by Drago Press on occasion of his exhibition, Black Ink, at the Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris. 08: relocates to a houseboat in Amsterdam. 09: back in Frisco.

Most days: rides his bicycle, makes art, listens to the trees, and keeps on.

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