Sunday, March 25, 2012

Walrus TV Artist

Walrus TV Artist Feature: David Choong Lee

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surfboard Art For Hire

We met this guy through a friend, on the road to Sydney Northern beaches, he's a bit of a character & a celebrity in the underground street art surf culture.
Goes by the name of Indo. We commissioned him to design a board and he quickly turned it around in a couple of hours, this guys fast! We asked him, if he did any other art? Indo laughed, and invited us on a quick tour of sydney.
There, we saw Indo's lego man sculptures, murals with day of the dead style art, wheat pasting, all around sydney.

We were really impressed, and decided to help a brother out.

Bellow are his prices:

Illustrate | Hand Draw on Surfboards using Artline Marker.

- $50 Half Bottom of surfboard
- $100 full bottom of surfboard
- $250 for whole surfboard (top and bottom)
(Australian Dollars)