Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andres Guzman

Hello. My name is Andres Guzman. I have spent most
of my youth in Denver, Colorado but am originally
from Lima, Peru. I graduated from the Minneapolis
College of Art + Design where I majored in illustration
and took much interest in graphic design. I try not to
limit myself by any specific visual style as I believe
there are too many beautiful methods and processes in
the world of art to settle on just one.I hope I can
inspire with my work as much as I have been by others.

Work published in /
Wired Mag, Front Mag, Thrasher Mag, The Weekly Dig, Creative Quarterly, CMYK magazine,
Color Magazine, The Washington Square Review, Vitamn

Clients include /
SoBe, Wired Mag, Front Mag, Phenom Global, MCAD, Mountain Dew, Nickelodeon, MTV, Vice Mag,
Rhymesayers Entertainment, Colonial Blimp, Paper Bicycle LLC, Graveck Interactive LLC,
Roanne Adams

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