Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shanghai-based illustrator, Wang2Mu

There's something about asian writing that captures my attention like a iron to a magnet,
Its perhaps the block lettering, or the bold images that blend and compliment each character.
Either way, here are some examples of exactly that.
Wang2mu - N-joy!

wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations

WISHCANDY | Sashiko Yuen, aka Wishcandy,

Wishcandy illustrationPageImage-526469-4847725-Wounded_wishcandyWishcandy illustrationWishcandy illustrationWishcandy illustration-526469-4847720-Prankster_wishcandyWishcandy illustration

Small Cabin In the Woods

A cabin that’s so small, it doesn’t need a permitrobin falck cabin robin falck cabin robin falck cabin robin falck cabin robin falck cabin

Did you know that in Finland, you could build your own place without a permit? Of course, that place would have to be less than 96-128 square feet. In 2010, designer Robin Falck found a location out in the woods where he planned to put up a cabin. Problem was, he didn’t have time to get a permit and finish construction in time for his mandatory military service, which was in less than a year.
The solution? ‘Screw the police!’ or rather, ‘screw the permit!’ Or at least, that’s what we imagined what he would have said. Falck designed the cabin during winter months, then proceeded to build his home as soon as the ice thawed. He used locally sourced and recycled material, all carried to the construction site by hand. After two weeks of hard labor and $10,500 in costs, the mini cabin was finished.
Nido, or ‘bird’s nest’ in Italian, has a cozy lounge area and micro-kitchen on the first floor and a loft on the second floor. Despite its size, the design makes up for it with lots of natural light and fresh mountain air seeping in from the hug, angled windows.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Elvis et moi | Emilie Costechareyre Fashion Jewellery designer

Emilie Costechareyre spent years in the luxury retail and fashion industry cultivating a lifelong interest in Image of Keith Skull ring Image of Cross me from your life

Fashion, music and people. Born and raised in France, she developed an immense fascination with art and eventually her eye fell on jewellery and its form.
The combination of these interests and her pursuit of an aesthetic sensibility that combines them all, today inform her design process.
Emilie Costechareyre has spent the last 2 years developing and evolving a now recognizable and respected brand in designer jewellery.
In 2010, the “Bohème, rock chic brand” Elvis et moi was born from a leap of faith Emilie was drawn to take: Dedicating herself entirely to the making of her own unique brand.
Emilie designs collections using classic materials that she feels inherently close to: silver, rose gold, brass, an endless variety of semi-precious stones, as well as more unusual natural materials found in travels around the world.
Emilie’s effortlessly defined style guides her to produce collections that are not only edgy and stylish but also innately feminine. Her pieces have the ability to transcend from an evening gown to a rock concert without skipping a heartbeat.
"I have discovered inspiration in how to express form, rhythm and passion through my constant interaction with the music and people who surround me. I strive to translate these principles into jewellery designs that are functional, wearable and timeless."



Friday, April 11, 2014