Monday, May 28, 2012

Sean Kane

I have always been interested in drawing and dabbled a bit in traditional art when I was younger, but never really liked the whole academic side of it and lacked motivation to continue studying.
After putting education on hold, I landed a job as a printer and worked in this area for about 6 years, during which time I worked overseas in Ireland and England. I got sick of printing badly designed work, so when I returned to Australia, I made the decision to do a graphic design course and get a formal qualification. This was the first time I had used Photoshop properly, but I picked it up quickly, using techniques I learnt in traditional methods.

Some of my early work lacks direction, I just messed around in Photoshop or Illustrator until something looked cool, letting the computer do most of the work. The effects were simpler and my knowledge of type was pretty bad, I just used other people’s fonts. I look at that work now and have a bit of a 'What I was I thinking?' moment.
Nowadays, I take a back-to-basic approach and always sketch out ideas on paper first.
I use the computer as a tool to bring those ideas to life. I think this gives the design some kind of grounding in the real world. Once the design has been translated into the digital world, I spend more time on the small details that make up a piece and less time using a 'hit and miss' approach because I have a clear plan laid out on paper.

Senna Poster V4Study of an Eagle A3 copySenna Poster V4Senna Poster V4Senna Poster V4Senna Poster V4Senna Poster V4Design Print Deliver On Time A3 Poster V1

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