Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christopher Haysom Australian Film Maker | Cinematographer

Stranglehold - Teaser from Christopher Haysom on Vimeo.

Christopher Haysom Showreel 2012 from Christopher Haysom on Vimeo.

Christopher Haysom

Award winning Director Christopher Haysom discovered his love of filmmaking during school when he directed his first successful short film ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ at the age of 16. Following this achievement Chris made the decision to pursuit a career in film. While doubling as a freelance cameraman/editor and working part time as a studio floor manager at a local TV network, he graduated with a diploma in screen and soon completed a degree in media. Continuously directing short films and documentaries along the way.

His latest two films Better on the Inside (2011) and Stranglehold (2011) have mutually attained a variety of awards both nation-wide and internationally for outstanding cinematography, production design, editing and directing. He is currently working on several new projects with Do It Now Productions as well as additional ventures.

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