Wednesday, April 27, 2011



When close friends Casey Diebold and Adam Devarney both graduated from Pratt University their journeys as artists naturally took them to very different places. Devarney returned to the serenity of his native Burlington, VT, while Diebold stayed in Brooklyn to work as a commercial storyboard artist. Their diverging paths have finally crossed again in the form of "Godspeed," a collaborative exhibition opening 9 April 2010 at NYC's Sacred Gallery.

The loose concept comes from Devarney's suggestion of the phrase "God Speed"—a term that allows for their their work to be comfortably contained under one main theme, as well as individual interpretations. While Diebold played off the term more literally, depicting ungodly speeds and high-powered action, Devarney saw "Godspeed" as the loose English translation of the French salutation, bon voyage.




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