Thursday, June 25, 2015

Australian Pop Street Artist Indo aka Indopendent

INDO's a Creative Australian POP Street Artist Based in Sydney, Melbourne and the world.

I believe art has the power to change the world, change the hearts and minds of politicians, bring lovers closer & empower people to stand as one.

In this day and age, street art has radically changed the way we perceive art, its widely available, there are no rules, basically anyone can become an artist, the best part is - sharing your art to the world, it’s easier, faster and validated in record time.

As a young rebelious artist based on Sydney’s northern beaches, INDO started as a graffiti Vandal, painting trains, tagging, drawing dicks and basically being destructive.

As his voice dropped and life evolved, his vision on art also changed; This Inspired INDO to Study A bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Animation; With a new skill set, & a clearer perspective, INDO began experimenting with Stencils, wheat paste and Aerosol Spray Cans.

His life had new meaning, and with this, his art evolved - from destructive to beautiful, dream like and popular.

With humble beginnings as a street artist, INDO started working with councils, governments and corporate giants such as Sony BMG, ING Direct Bank, Satchi and Satchi, The Maritime Union of Australia, Rekorderlig, ANZ, The Rolling Stones Magazine, General Pants, VIVID & Fuel TV.

After Quitting his corporate day job, as a senior creative designer, ( employee #10998987 ) INDO started focusing on his Life purpose, which was to capture visual moments through the medium of art, inspired by the likes of Andy Warhol, Basquait, Banksy and Leonardo Da Vinci.  INDO’s been described as a visual story teller that inspires, shares & enriches peoples lives through intelligent art.

Follow his story and see his latest artworks come to life
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Graphic Design Studio Northern Beaches Sydney

 Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, We do this by providing realistic solutions through direct visual communication, cutting edge graphics, and offer our selected customers realistic prices that are affordable and value for money. Everything we touch turns to gold. We have years of experience, surrounded by a love for what we do. We dont work everyday, We live graphic design everyday and draw inspiration from current trends and movements in the Advertising, Fashion & Design industry. Rebbells at heart, with an eye for style and presence, INDOPENDENT graphic Design is a creative force that achieves beyond all clients expectations, everytime, ontime and on budget. Experience: Working with Clients such as: KFC, General Pants, The Maritime Union Of Australia, Deck Bar, Cumberland Newspapers, Dee Why RSL Club, ACP Magazines, TVSN Shopping Network, Dry July, Adore Estate Coffee, Phillips, Natures Way, Sony BMG, Satchi & Satchi Advertising. Services we Provide: Branding Marketing Copy Writing Advertising Logos Flyers Posters Banners Signage Packaging Website Design Shopping Carts Animation Social media Email Newsletters Merchandise Textile Design T-shirt Prints Look Books Creative Concepts Stationary Presentations Illustration Murals Interior Design Printing Consulting Email us: phone: 0415095365 Minimum Rate $70/hr | Get in contact with us Based on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Buy Street Art | Australia wide

Buy Creative Street Art Pieces, Banksy, obey, contemporary street art pieces at affordable prices.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great Typography

This style looks fantastic, so simple and easy to re-create.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hours family member Brad Eastman (Beastman)

East Editions is a new project/business by Hours family member Brad Eastman (Beastman) and his wife Kelly. Their concept and vision is to work with established and emerging artists from Australia and around the world to produce unique, limited edition artist designed products for your spaces. Blurring the line between art and homewares, they launched just last month with a range of editions including a series of hand crafted and painted coffee tables by Vans The Omega, hand screen printed quilt cover sets by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and some hand screen printed cushion covers by Webuyyourkids. The coffee tables sold out in just 3 days, and their quilt cover sets aren’t far off!

We got a heads up on what to expect from East Editions this year, and you can look forward to some amazing hand made editions by Numskull, Marty Routledge, Luke Taaffe, Jae Copp and more. So head over to their website – - and have a look around for more information, and be sure to follow them on Instagram (@easteditions) and Facebook to visually follow the editions being created and know when they are available.

View more images, information and buy online at

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Door Is Open

Council Accept Street Art

Dee Why commuters are in for a surprise, come Wednesday. Street artist Indo, will be constructing two to three giant Crate Men sculptures to be placed near Dee Why bus stop.

Not an ordinary everyday sight, to say the least.
Warringah Council has commissioned Indo, along with four other artists, to create public artworks that will revitalize the area. Crate Man has previously been constructed in Narrabeen, Surry Hills and at an event for Vivid Light Festival 2013

When asked, “Why build Crate Man?” Indo responds: “Because I can. It stands out. It’s fun & It makes people happy.” Let’s face it. Most people when waiting for a bus could do with some cheering up. It’s this positive attitude that Indo hopes Crate Man will inject into the area.

Crate Man is also intended to encourage people towards green living. The sculpture demonstrates how art can be made from recycled materials. Indo, a keen surfer having grown up on the Northern Beaches, has always been conscious of making a positive impact on the environment.

Crate Man will continue recurring sporadically in different locations across the city. Indo is also planning to Launch a new series of street art in the lead up to his August exhibition. The location is still to be announced.

Written by Candace Wise

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shanghai-based illustrator, Wang2Mu

There's something about asian writing that captures my attention like a iron to a magnet,
Its perhaps the block lettering, or the bold images that blend and compliment each character.
Either way, here are some examples of exactly that.
Wang2mu - N-joy!

wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations wang2mu illustrations